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Feng Shui for the Main Entrance of your House

The front entrance is known as ‘mouth of chi’ in Fengshui. This is one of the main entrances to your door and hence, most of the energy is consumed from this door. Just a couple of changes can make a big difference to your life and to the lives of people residing in your house. Here are a few tips that can help you in overcoming the bad and making good to your house. 

  1. Front Door: look the garden that is right in front of your house. Make people enter and exit from that place. Let there be some vibrations instead of making people walk from the garage door.
  2. Easy Functioning of Doors and Locks: Do not have blocked entrances. Contact a Bartlett locksmith if any of your doors or locks is not functioning properly. Fix if it is stuck somewhere or making noise while opening or closing. There should not be any coat hangers hanging behind the door.
  3. Widen the way: more money would walk in the house if you have wider ways to come home. Expensive and big houses always have strong and wide paths. Though your house is small, do not let anybody take your charm. You can make the difference.